You are unique, and the furniture in your home makes a statement of what you like and marries that with the environment those pieces are placed in. Custom-made furniture allows you to express your tastes and compliment a room at the same time. These days, furniture from big-box stores only gives the consumer a few choices, it is produced with quantity in mind which does lower the price but, more unfortunately, it reduces the quality of the item. With custom-made furniture, the woodworker interprets your needs, wants and desires and translates them into a practical and beautiful piece of furniture or ornamentation that reflects your individual personality. Custom-built furniture is built to stand several generations using techniques perfected by masters throughout the centuries.

More than just filling a need, custom designed furniture expresses the individuality of the owner, an expression of their own personal taste and values. Custom built furniture says that the owner understands and appreciates the inherent value in well made furniture that will look great for a long time as opposed to having to replace pieces every couple of years. If you think about the environmental impact, the longevity of well made wooden furniture combined with the renewable nature of the source material makes the product a responsible purchase decision. Working in collaboration with an artisan to design a specific piece allows the individual to manifest their creative side. More than that it shows the individual's character and support of the arts. The inherent warmth and beauty of well designed wooden furniture adds grace and elegance to it's environment.

I would enjoy discussing a project with you and presenting the expanse of options available. Please feel free to contact me.