Woodworking is the medium that I use to express my creative ideas. Furniture is the 'canvas' that I 'paint' on. On the basic structure of a piece of furniture, I place my distinct concepts of aptness and beauty. Sometimes these are wildly exuberant while other times they are delicately constrained. My own personal designs tend toward a biomorphic look, with flowing curves and shapes that are influenced by the rhythms and values in nature. These elements were prominent in the art nouveau style of furniture. The shape ends up having a higher value than the functionality of the piece, more like sculpture masquerading as furniture. Gently curved legs supporting an asymmetrical table surface, even the legs breaking through the table surface. Cabinets that bulge out of the wall. Armoires with doors that open like peeling a leaf off a bulb.

Ideas and concepts come from many sources, from the natural world around me to mathematical constructs. Some historical influences like the art nouveau and art deco designers, Charles Rennie MacKintosh, Victor Horta, Louis Majorelle, Emile-Jacques Ruhlman, and the enigmatic Antoni Gaudi. Many of my designs are quite untraditional in looks but are built with traditional workmanship standards. As a consequence I am well acquainted with a varied arsenal of techniques needed to accomplish the desired image.


SUITABILITY. I like to create wooden furniture that fills a particular need and space with elegance and durability. To that end I believe that the environment that the piece is intended for is a factor in the design of the piece. I usually meet with the client at the intended destination of the piece to measure and ensure that the final design is harmonious with the location. I work with the client presenting variations and options to ensure that the piece is as functional, beautiful and well suited as possible.

DESIGN INTEGRITY. The designer is also the builder. I come to woodworking with an engineering background. This means that the designs have already had structural considerations as well as the aesthetic ones.

WORKMANSHIP. I have expertise in solid wood construction (mortise and tenons, hand cut dovetails, etc.), veneer work using exotic veneers and techniques and, to a lesser degree, carving and turning experience. The project can take whichever route is most advantageous.

ACCOUNTABILITY. The designer is also responsible for the project working, fitting, being completed and looking like or exceeding the clients expectations. You always communicate with the most appropriate person.

FLEXIBILITY. To build the most suitable pieces I am not restricted to tradition or existing pieces. I can work in a variety of styles, choosing from a large selection of solid wood and veneers, options like surface decorations (carving, inlays, marquetry etc.) and unusual configurations are welcomed and encouraged.

ARTISTRY. Furniture can be functional sculpture. There are many opportunities to design beauty into each piece and the limitation is one's imagination. I try to make each piece a statement of beauty and taste and my own imagination has not reached it's limits yet.

From delicately restrained to elaborate and ebullient, furnishings to match your tastes can be brought to life. To start enjoying the elegance of craftsmanship in your own home, contact me to arrange a meeting.